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a man drinking a glass of wine

Brandon "BB" Verkaik

Bar Manager

Brandon "BB" Verkaik is the bar manager at Maya in Charleston, SC. Verkaik moved from his hometown of Baton Rouge, LA to Colorado when he was 10 years old and has worked full-time in the industry since the age of 15. He moved to Charleston in 2000 and since then has worked in restaurants across the Holy City including The Rarebit, Stars, The Americano, Taco Boy, Laurel, and now Maya. Verkaik learned from a young age that a good life centers around good food and drink, and that good food and drink can bring down walls.He is also a firm believer that “good” can be as simple as a Wild Turkey and Busch Light or as celebratory as Pierre Gimonnet Cuis Blanc de Blanc.When he’s not behind the bar, Verkaik’s drink of choice is usually a whiskey, cheap beer, or a Corpse Reviver no.2 at The Rarebit. At Maya, Verkaik brings his “hype man” attitude to work every day, not only creating great drinks but also lifting the spirits of those around him. Verkaik uses drinks to tell a story and create an experience, often incorporating aromatics with dried fruits, spices, chilis, teas, and flowers. When he’s not atMaya, Verkaik is enthusiastic about art, music, cooking, gardening, decorating, community, and spending time with his wife and pup.